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Yicai Latest Product Structure Upgrade Sharing

I am very excited to announce that with the joint efforts of our R&D team and factory team, our bamboo tube packaging has been upgraded again, and it has entered more sustainability an innovative structure that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

100% biodegradable materials and environmentally friendly materials:

From the picture we can see that our original product materials are bamboo, PP and PETG, LDPE (plastic stopper), the main packaging material is bamboo, which is 100% biodegradable in terms of materials, and both PP and PETG are ECO-FRIENDLY The material and structure of the product can be refilled, but not replaceable. When the product is discarded, it can be disassembled, recyclable, and degradable.

A product structure that is more conducive to recycling:

The improved product is that the raw materials are bamboo, PP and PETG, LDPE (plastic stopper), the main packaging material is bamboo, the bamboo itself is 100% biodegradable, and other materials are environmentally friendly materials. The upgraded version is the same as before, the structure of the product is upgraded to be refillable and replaceable, and the product is easy to disassemble when discarded, which is conducive to recycling.

Minimalist packaging, conducive to brand sales model:

This upgrade of product structure has made a non-negligible contribution to the packaging and sales mode of such products, including environmental protection. For brands, the sales of such products can be diversified and low-cost, such as the sales of mascara or lip glaze, the bamboo tube can be used as the main packaging product, and it can be sold with built-in independent products, which can be used as a The sales of sets can also be used as promotional gift boxes. When consumers repurchase, they can purchase minimalist packaging separately, which will better bind consumers’ loyalty and increase brand sales. Bamboo is particularly durable, especially after our special process, so the products mainly packaged with bamboo can be used for a long time. We just replace the built-in package, which can save more than 60% of the cost of packaging materials and give full play to the benefits of minimalist packaging.

Built-in diversified design:

The sale of built-in minimalist packaging does not mean that there is no design texture. We can use some color conversion and simple processing of external processes, or design on paper bags and cartons, which will save packaging costs and make minimalist packaging at the same time. More fashionable and trendy.

Consumers’ Benefit:

The cost reduction at the source is undoubtedly good news for consumers. Consumers can buy more products at a lower price, such as lip glaze. Usually, makeup will choose different colors according to their mood. When one color is used, more color combinations can be purchased at half the price, which makes consumers happiness life.

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