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Why choose Yicai bamboo manufacture

Among so many bamboo packaging manufacturers in China, What are the differences between the products made by Yicai Bamboo and other bamboo and wood products manufacturers in China? Why choose Yicai bamboo manufacture as your long-term best choice for bamboo/wood packaging of cosmetics in China?

When browsing for products, many purchasers are mainly concerned with the price. This could be true, but the long-term quality of good products and a pleasant consumer experience, these intangible attributes, will provide long-term benefits to companies and buyers. Sometimes even explosive growth, which is frequent among the consumers with whom we work. It would be a pity if a superior choice was foregone due to cost.

We provide examples from the product to help you distinguish Yicai’s bamboo and wood packaging from those produced by other factories in terms of function, research, and development, eco-friendly, or use experience, and to help you understand the product structure that you may not have noticed, as well as why the price is not the cheapest, but nearly 100% of customers return to the cooperative factory.

We have five sections: product specifics introduction, factory personnel capabilities, equipment capabilities, innovation capabilities, and customer evaluations to show you the long-term benefits of partnering with Yicai for your business.

Products speicifics introduction:

Refillable bamboo lipstick tube, refillable bamboo mascara, refillable bamboo eyeliner tube and other tube products–the most sensitive thing about bamboo and wood products is that the built-in tube will be deformed after long-term use by customers, resulting in the failure of the built-in installation putting it on will affect the pleasant feeling of consumers and affect their second purchase. We use professional technology to carry out natural fumigation treatment on raw materials. In addition, the sealing treatment of the substrate is very important in the production process. Time, The temperature needs to be controlled properly and precisely. The special treatment of this process will prevent the bamboo and wood packaging materials from being deformed and moldy due to humidity. All the mechanical equipment of Yicai are independently developed by the inhouse expert team, and other the difference between factories buying existing machines on the market is that the wall thickness of bamboo and wood tube products can be as thin as 1mm. This precision can reflect advantages in the structure of different products, such as bamboo lipstick tubes, the bamboo lipstick you see on the market there are no steps in the tube, and the upper and lower tubes will be misaligned for large-scale products, and the upper cover will shake and not fit properly.

Our products have steps at the opening of bamboo lipstick tube. In this case, the upper and lower covers can be directly combined firmly and smoothly. The upper tube and the lower tube are seamlessly connected without shaking. To achieve the perfection of these details, it is not only because of expert team, but more importantly, precision Only by doing such a thin equipment can it be achieved. We keep investing big amount in research and development as well as machinery and equipment, with the purpose of providing high-quality products, and long-term pleasure to the brand and all our customers. Our different bamboo powder boxes, bamboo eye shadow boxes, etc. will be perfected from different details to allow you to have higher quality bamboo makeup packaging and bamboo skincare packaging.

R&D strength:

Our plastic-free and magnet-free refillable bamboo balm tube has entered the top 8 environmental protection packaging awards in MAKE UP-IN France, 2023, and is chasing the gold award for innovation of eco-friendly packaging. This product can be used as bamboo tube packaging such as balm and foundation stick. Our refillable ceramic lipstick tube won the gold innovation of Make up-in Paris 2022. In addition to the above-mentioned global R&D awards, we have got 11 product structure patents in China, and 6 structural patents are in the process of application. Below is an example of one of these products.

With the improvement of people’s living style, cosmetics are more and more welcomed by people, accompanied by the market. There have been various cosmetic boxes for containing cosmetics, among which some existing cosmetic boxes on the market have their lids facing the box. One side of the body is provided with a mirror surface, but since the material of the mirror surface of these vanity boxes is inconsistent with the material of the main body of the vanity box, Therefore, there is a certain difficulty in collecting the discarded vanity case.

One of our practical inventions, The State Intellectual Property Office of China clarifies our products as follows:(Patent No 202102905629.6) The utility model proposes a cosmetic box that is easy to recycle, which solves one of the problems in the existing technical problems. The present patent lies in that when the discarded cosmetic box is recovered, the mirror surface provided on the cover body can be disassembled and recovered separately, so as to facilitate the recovery of the box body and the cover body.

According to some embodiments of the present invention, the accommodating cavity is detachably provided with an inner tank for containing cosmetics, the bottom of the box body is provided with a disassembly hole communicating with the accommodating cavity, and the disassembly hole can is used for inserting external tools to push the inner container, so as to remove the inner container from the accommodating cavity. When the cosmetics contained in the inner container are used up, there is no need to replace the entire cosmetic case, only the Just replace inner tank, energy saving, and environmental protection.

The company's Expert Teams:

Business Team:

The company places a high value on the development of professional teams and efficient services, and the humanized working environment makes the company’s workforce incredibly cohesive and enjoyable to work with. We offer worry-free service in a single location. The business team is led by the vice president of the listed company. She has extensive export expertise and can lead the team in responding quickly to the customer’s paperwork and product quality criteria. We have been in the military for almost ten years. Customers will benefit from the experience of European organic brand customers in obtaining organic certification more quickly in terms of document support.

R&D Team:

Product R&D belongs to the core department. All the company’s product leaders come from technical professionals of the world’s top 500 packaging companies with more than 10 years of working experience in the packaging industry, providing customers with effective solutions and cost advantages , so that customers can get satisfactory products and reasonable prices.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance:

We insist that quality comes from reasonable innovation of product structure, research and development control of product details in the development stage, and avoidance of risks of mass production through testing and verification at the early innovation stage. Product quality is not controlled by inspection, so our main task in quality is to complete correct operation guidance and routine before mass production, and supervise, test, and remind online at random during production. Make reasonable instructions and online control at random through a statistical sampling of each process, adjust and cooperate with production to achieve the final high-quality standard.


The strength of the logistics team can ensure that your bulk goods are safely packaged and arrive safely. The professionals of the logistics team have been working in the industry for more than 7 years. They have accurate judgments on different logistics companies and can provide you with fast arrival time and satisfactory transportation. According to the plan, the sample in Europe can arrive within 3-5 days, and the sample in the United States can arrive within 5 days. In terms of bulk goods, we can also provide you with the best solution for you according to your needs.

The whole factory of Yicai bamboo manufacture has done pipeline sealing treatment to ensure that the bamboo debris of each production line is completely sucked into the pipeline, to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop, and all the discarded dust particles of the pipeline will be exported uniformly, which is easy to recycle and environmental protection.

The factory has a fully automatic dust-free painting automatic line to ensure a high-quality spraying process. We use environmentally friendly paint, and the products are no bubbles, no watermarks, smooth, smooth, and clean. All products go through 14 processes of fine processing, the final process is completed in the dust-free packaging and assembly workshop, the product in addition to the carton packaging, the carton is sealed with a dust-free bag, to avoid your road may affect the product due to humidity and other reasons. Safe packaging and dust-free handling ensure that you receive satisfactory goods.

The factory has passed FSC certification, SMETA certification, ISO9001 certification, and TUV Audit, and is still applying for SA8000. These international certifications will prove to you our strength in environmental protection of raw materials, quality, production safety, and product quality professional control. All aspects of human rights are tested and certified by authoritative agencies to make you feel at ease in purchasing. Let us work together step by step, down to earth to do a good job of products, and continue to contribute our best efforts to environmental protection.

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