bamboo Cosmetic packaging

What is the processing if work with us?

1) You need to know the price of our bamboo cosmetic packaging.

2) You need to do your own cosmetic packaging design.

3) You need to check the bamboo packaging sample.

4) You need to know the shipping of the packaging.

5) You need to know the sample and production lead time.

6) You need to make your inspiration idea comes true packaing.

7) You need to know our bamboo cosmetic packaging technical data to make sure there are no problems in your filling production.

8) You want to be a distributor of our cosmetic packaging in your area.

Quotation Inquiry

If you need to know the price, please select the product pictures in our product column and remarks the quantity you plan to order. If there is no quantity remarked, we will offer you a quotation based on the MOQ of 2000pcs. If the quantity reaches more than 10,000 PCS, there will be different low prices. Please contact our Sales Director at anna.kat@sustainable-bamboo and we will provide you with a quote according to your specific requirements within 24 hours. I’m sorry if you have selected more than 10 of the pictures quotes in our photo album, this will take time to process and you will have to wait longer.

Your Own Customized Design

If you like one of our packaging style and you need to adjust it little by colors or shapes or add some graphics, logo etc, Our design team will provide the design draft base on your specific requirement by free and with more inspired solutions for your choose. We have very strong design team and they did excellent job. Almost all of our globle major brands we work for them by ODM, you are welcome talk to our Sales Director, we will have a professional team work for you once we have your specific instructions.

Make your inspiration idea comes true packaging

If you have some inspiration ideas and want to know if they can be realized on your bamboo and wood makeup packaging items, please email You can provide photographs, colors, or a detailed description of your demands. Our design and product teams will supply you with free professional design drawings and packaging proposals. To suit your needs, please submit your desired purchase price first. We will combine your price criteria to present you with a matching makeup packaging suggestion.

Check Sample at Initial Stage

We completely realize that when clients visit a factory for the first time, they need to inspect the sample quality in order to have trust in moving forward. All of our samples are manufactured in the same way as our bulk items; we never do samples that are very detailed and high quality, but our bulk products are substandard. We want long-term clients, not one-time customers. Our samples are usually from our stock, so if the type you want is not in stock or for new innovated ones, we will have to produce one for you, which will incur some basic costs. Stock sample of 1pc will be provided by free.

About Transportation Matters

It takes 3-5working days to South-East Asia countries, Europe countries, US cities by speed post, It takes around 20days to Russia, and also can reach to Iraq etc countries.

It takes around 35days to Europe countries and US cities by sea. This information is for samples or bulk reference.

About Lead Time

It takes 7-10 working days make regular samples, It takes 15working days make special shape or special surface treatment,  regular shape refer to round tube, flat top or square one with no curved. After sample signed and confirmed, It takes 35-60days lead time for mess production base on different quantities requirement.

To confirm if our make up packaging suitable for your filling production

If you are a filling producer and you need to know if our bamboo make up packaging or our refill packaging suitable for your filling or not, we provide 1pc refill sample by free before you going forward your samples. After your customized make up packaging confirmed, we will provide 5pcs refill packaging for your testing production use.

Be a distributor of our refillable bamboo make up packaging

We welcome any form of cooperation. In addition to OEM, ODM, filling producer, we also welcome you to be our distributor. The agent is not limited to any form. You are welcome to share your ideas. Please contact

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