bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Sustainable & Refillable Packaging - Bamboo Lipstick

* 100% Bamboo cap + base, biodegradable 

* Refillable systems

* Dimension:  D18.6 x H76.6 mm

* Capacity 3.5g

* FSC certification


Yicai bamboo is taking the opportunity to help customers about enviromental issues on the packagings. Invite you to recycle and reuse packagings. 

Cap made in 100% bamboo, means plastic-free, you can compost the cap directly. 

Base achieve more than 90% in bamboo material, also plastic-free, we made the innovation to have the metal ring assembled instead the 1st generation plastic component to support refill systems. 

Plus A new technological closure systems to help reduce the risk of the deformation, and create the bamboo with stretch.

Our mission to offer customers a biodegradable and reusable cosmetics packaging.