bamboo Cosmetic packaging


* 100% Bamboo cap + base, biodegradable, 

* Refillable systems, 

* Dimension:  D24.39 x H76.5 mm, 

* Capacity 3.5g, 

* FSC certification.


Yicai bamboo not only setting simply in packaging shape but also contributing to the unique. 

We now introduce a new shape – triangle of the lipstick packaging. 

The sustainable material bamboo for the cap + base that giving the 100% biodegradable, no need landfill and recycle. Base with a notch on the edge to make the cap & base aligement after closing, pursuing the aspect as high level as we can. 

Every product is designed in refill systems, to buy once & reuse endlessly for green saving. 

Easy & simply to refill is friendly for clients.