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Natural resources are depleted faster than they can be regenerated, and the world cycle becomes unsustainable. Sustainable development requires human beings to use natural resources and carry out activities within the scope of reasonable regeneration of natural resources.

Ecological sustainable development is the environmental foundation of sustainable development.Bamboo products will not have a destructive impact on the ecology in terms of raw material acquisition, raw material processing, and ecological cycle of the forest. Compared with trees, the growth cycle of bamboo is shorter, and felling is harmful to the environment. The impact of the greenhouse effect is smaller.

Compared with plastic, bamboo is a degradable material that can reduce global white pollution and is a better alternative. Bamboo has a wide range of applications and has the characteristics of various sizes, colors and cold resistance.

On November 7th, the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization put forward the initiative of “replacing plastic with bamboo”, indicating that bamboo products have been recognized by the world in the field of environmental protection. Bamboo products have gradually completed more refined technological innovations and replaced more plastic products. A big step forward in ecological protection.

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