Shampoo Pump Bottle with Bamboo Collar

* Recyclable, Biodegradable

* Bamboo Collar + PP/PET bottle

* Size: 71.8mm dia*192mm

* Capacity: 500ml


Bathroom Hand Soap and Lotion Dispenser  with Bamboo Pump, Refillable Liquid Soap Bottles

The farmhouse soap dispenser bottle is very practical, can be used to pack your soap liquid product in daily life to meet your daily needs, best for kinds of bathroom kitchen liquids and is preferred over Fragile Glass bottles.

Made of durable BAP-free reinforced PET material that it looks like glass, there will be no worries of breakage, which is a great benefit for families and kids!

Natural non-rusting bamboo pump, can be used for a long time.Wide mouth for easier filling.