bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Refillable Hexagonal Lipstick Tube

* Refillable, Recyclable, 100% biodegradable casing

* Capacity: 3.5g

* FSC carbonized Bamboo

* Free customized design proposals

* Mold free for Customized designs

* Surface treatment by silk screen, 3D, engraving, heat transfer, shinny painting, matte painting

* Glue pass Rohs testing


What does is mean by refillable lipstick?

Refillable lipstick is a sustainable beauty solution designed to minimize environmental impact. Instead of the traditional single-use lipstick packaging that contributes to plastic waste, refillable lipsticks focus on reusability and reducing over all resource consumption. 

Why hexagonal lipstick tube?

Compared with the most common round tube and square tube on the market, the hexagonal lipstick tube reflects a unique shape design, making your brand more recognizable. This hexagonal lipstick tube can do different patterns on different sides, and the design of six sides gives play to all the new inspiration you want to do, making the product more unique and textured.

We do high quality bamboo lipstick packaging with engineering tolerance within±0.12mm, this what other factories can not reach. We make steps between bamboo cap and base tube ensure they matched perfectly and not move.