bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Refillable Bamboo Chapstick Tube

* Refillable, 100% biodegradable, Recyclable, Reuse

* Bamboo+Aluminum

* φ20mm x H76mm capacity: 3.5g

* Free design proposals

* Customized by mold free

* Surface treatment by variety colors of shinny painting and matte painting plus silk screen logo

* Glue pass Rohs testing + FSC bamboo


Matte black and bamboo natural texture is a very classic match, forever trend, spraying painting on bamboo required high quality treatment of bamboo tube base, Our bamboo chapstick with painting finished in way with very smooth, no bubbles, no stains and dents, which makes the product looks very high-end. To ensure a low defect rate, all of our paints are processed in a closed dust-free automatic line and shop. Bamboo tube surface treatment using our proprietary process to create a jade-like bamboo surface, distinguishing it from other bamboo makeup chapstick tube items on the market.