bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Refillable Bamboo Case (Eyeshadow / Blush)

*Refillable, Sustainable, Ecological

*100% Bamboo cap + base 

*Refillable systems

*Dimension: 71.2 x 76.7 x 16 mm

*FSC certification


Yicai bamboo designed a fun shape compact case, we called it “ Pease” , the packaging is become popular in the youth marketing.

The casing is completely made of bamboo sustainably-managed forests(also can be wooden), and it comes with an metal twist systems + strong magnets for the closure that make the packaging is convenience, consumer no need to worry about the lip and case seperation then the powders come out. Base with magnet sheet  to attract the pan for refillable and bottom with hole to stick out for easy refill. 

Welcome to customize your own packaging, any color painting is available with matt or shinny finished. Logo can be printing, laser and 3D printing……