bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Refillable 50g Glass Jar

* Refillable, Reduce plastic, Reuse

* 100% Bamboo/ wooden cap, 

* Refillable in PP

* Jar in recycling glass

* capacity: 50g

* Free design proposals

* FSC certification

* COSMOS standard material


Yicai bamboo never stop the packaging innovation, we can offer the packaging solutions on make up range, but also can offer the packaging solutions on skin care and body care. We present this packaging in refillable, reduce plastic, recycling to follow the sustainable missions. 

Cap in 100% bamboo/wooden material, 100% biodegradable, no plastic, no glue. Inner refill in PP which is the Cosmos standard material – endlessly refillable. Jar in glass – the recycling material. Easy take off and refill in click systems. 

Sepecial ball shape with the regular round shape cap, classical but not simple.We can do various designs, bamboo cap in coloured, any injection colour of the refillable, glass bottle in clear, frosted or painting……Friendly Personalized decoration.