Research and Development

Our R&D is committed to the development of sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetics packaging, structure development, and overcoming process and production abnormalities, and is committed to in-depth communication with customers, design and development of sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetics packaging materials that meet the current trends. The team is in house working, this helps us to efficiently meet customer needs from concept to reality, and also brings more possibilities for us to create innovation and production processes (linked to production processes), bringing customers from concept to samples with efficient done in 2 weeks.

How bamboo packaging are made?

The factory is located in a beautiful small city, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, with an average daily production capacity of 5,000-10,000 pieces. The production of bamboo cosmetic packaging is mainly divided into material selection, molding, grinding, Spraying, detail processing, assembly, packaging, etc.


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How to make a bamboo packaging

#1 Raw Materials For Carbonized

Select bamboo suitable for the production of cosmetics packaging materials for finishing. After the bamboo raw materials are removed from green and yellow, the color is sorted, bundled and placed in a steam pot, and steamed at a high temperature of 120 degrees for two hours to kill the microbes of the bamboo and then dry thoroughly. Become carbonized bamboo, carbonized bamboo after pure natural treatment, can avoid deformation, mildew, and can be stored for a long time.

carbonized bamboo

#2 Product sculpting

The carbonized bamboo raw material is prepared, polished in batches, and then machine-cut into a preliminary external shape. Internal drilling is required after the external shape is formed. The whole processing of bamboo products has no carbon emission, environmental protection and energy saving.

carbonized bamboo

#3 Product Polishing

After the product is formed, the whole product enters the polishing process. Rough polishing and fine polishing is a key processing process that considers the quality of the product. Therefore, we set different polishing process methods for different product styles and different positions. The unique processing method is summed up from the processing experience to ensure that the product meets the needs of the appearance design, and at the same time ensures that the product accuracy and feel are unique high-end.

carbonized bamboo

#4 Surface Treatment

After finishing polishing, it goes to the external processing stage, that is, decoration and pattern. According to your design needs, we will carry out a suitable bottom treatment processing plan again, and finally do external processing.

carbonized bamboo