Oil Dropper Bottles

* Bamboo circle + glass, biodegradable, eco-friendly

* Dimension: 33*85mm

* Capacty: 30ml

* FSC certification

* Reduced plastic waste

* Bamboo has a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance


Durability: Communicate the durability of the pressed glass bottles, which can protect the quality and integrity of essential oils. The bamboo rings not only contribute to the overall strength of the packaging but also provide a natural and comfortable grip.

Brand Commitment to Sustainability: If your brand prioritizes sustainability, emphasize your commitment to eco-friendly practices. Communicate how the use of bamboo aligns with your brand’s values and contributes to a more sustainable and responsible approach to packaging.

Reusable and Refillable: Highlight the potential for reuse and refilling of the bottles. Encourage customers to reduce waste by refilling the bottles with their favorite essential oils, promoting a circular economy and minimizing single-use packaging.

Health and Wellness Connection: Connect the use of natural materials like bamboo with the health and wellness aspects of essential oils. Emphasize the holistic approach to packaging that complements the natural and therapeutic qualities of essential oils.

Educational Content: Provide educational content about the benefits of bamboo, the importance of sustainable packaging, and tips for responsible disposal. Informed consumers are more likely to appreciate and support eco-friendly packaging choices.