bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Mascara Refillable Casing Hexagon Shape

* Refillable, 100% biodegradable, Recyclable, Reuse

* Bamboo+glass+metal

* 21mm x 21mm x H120mm capacity: 5-6ml

* Free design proposals

* Customized by mold free

* Surface treatment by silk screen, 3D, engraving, heat transfer, shinny painting, matte painting

* Glue pass Rohs testing + FSC bamboo


This paper describes a new approach for producing natural bamboo eyelash tubes casing. Unlike traditional bamboo goods on the market, the hexagonal form emphasizes its unique and variable nature. Our mascara packaging with bamboo natural texture combination is a very bold and stylish innovation, spraying painting on bamboo required high quality treatment of bamboo tube base, our bamboo cosmetic packaging with painting finished in way with very smooth, no bubbles, no stains and dents, which makes the product looks very high-end. Unique shapes with different appearance designs can meet your needs for beauty.