bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Engraving Bamboo Eyeliner Tube

* Size: 18.5*18.5*120mm

* FSC carbonized Bamboo

* Free design proposals

* Customized by mold free

* Surface treatment by silk screen, 3D, engraving, heat transfer, shinny painting, matte painting

* Glue pass Rohs testing, FSC bamboo


Bamboo gives people natrual and eco-friendly at first glance, but it is also sometimes boring wihtout sense of design. It achieved classic and fashion through different patterns engraved. Our sophisticated instruments can achieve clear patterns , the lines are even and tidy, which can realize your customized scheme with different patterns.  If you notice the details, our bamboo eyeliner tube contains steps and this enhancement can result in a very smooth connection between the top and lower tubes, as well as a lid that does not jiggle. No other China supplier can do this since this requires the machine to be extremely precise. The steps thinnest part can reach to 0.5mm thickness.  Start your bamboo make up packaging without any hesitate, this is the time.