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We Won Top 3 Innovated Eco-friendly Packaging of Make up-in 2023

Today we received an email from French MAKEUPIN notifying us that our plastic-free replaceable foundation, the balm bamboo tube won the 2023 French MAKEUPIN Best eco-friendly packaging Innovation Award, this is undoubtedly great news, our development team has been working hard for many years Innovation, constantly producing new structures, new designs, and new environmental protection concepts in the field of bamboo and wood packaging materials. Every year, we maintain innovative products and add 3 patented products. The purpose is to provide continuous upgrade services to our old customers , so that our old customers can continuously upgrade their original products and maintain competitiveness with competitors in the market. Globally speaking, we will do our best to bring sustainable and long-term environmental protection benefits to our environment. Let our earth is getting better and better, creating a green earth to benefit our future generations.

eco-friendly packaging

Compared with plastic packaging materials, the price of bamboo and wood cosmetic packaging materials may increase slightly, which is why many new customers will ask why bamboo and wood packaging are more expensive than plastic packaging, let’s talk about the procesiing of bamboo, Bamboo is a natural biodegradable material, normally natural one has the issues of deform and mold and size not accurate etc, that’s why we need to do natural physical treatment of each block material, by this case. Customized raw materials with special size, each product needs to go through at least 14 processes, including back cover, coarse grinding, fine grinding, which requires manual processing, and then to the painting spraying in the dust free worshop, and different surface treatment processes, each process has quality inspection, and different tests, we are committed to the strict requirements and operations of every detail to ensure that we provide high-quality products to our customers.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Considering that most customers who use plastic cosmetic packaging materials need to have a process and consider the cost factor in the transition to bamboo and wood packaging materials, our full range of products are replaceable bamboo and wood cosmetic packaging materials. In this case, Not only can we gradually reduce the use of plastics and reduce harm to the earth and marine life, but at the same time, the cost of refillable packaging is only 20% of the main packaging material. This is undoubtedly very encouraging news for brands and consumers. Reduce costs for consumers and bring profits to brands. Because it is a replaceable structure, it involves the precise combination of bamboo wood and plastic parts, which plays a decisive role in functional safety. The machinery and equipment in our factory were not originally made of bamboo and wood products. Our strong R&D team develops our own customized products. After years of testing and improvement, the company has invested a lot of cost to achieve the current bamboo and wood engineering tolerance size control within plus or minus 0.1mm, maintaining the same accuracy as plastics, which is very difficult to achieve in the bamboo and wood industry of.

As one of the main origins of bamboo, China can provide more stable materials. As one of the best low-carbon raw materials, bamboo is used as a packaging material for cosmetics and skin care products. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also integrates the natural beauty of bamboo into the promotion of cosmetics. All in one, consumers’ first impression of the product is that it is safe, natural and organic. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve been working with Europe’s largest organic makeup and skincare brand for over 10 years.

Our factory’s advanced equipment and mature technology allow us to do different processes on bamboo, a natural material, so that the product itself has rich designs and unique customization services, which will help our different customers use bamboo and wood packaging materials. At the same time, it can better express the advantages and selling points of the brand by combining the characteristics of its own brand products.

Many customers have many concerns before using bamboo and wood cosmetic packaging materials, such as price, design, personal hobbies, etc. When our customers tell us that they can’t leave it after using bamboo and wood cosmetic packaging materials, it is unique to him consumers also like to follow them, which is our greatest motivation to serve our customers. I hope you can also try bravely to make your brand and products stand out from many competitors. Our professional team will provide you with satisfactory proposals, for the sake of environmental protection, let’s we work together.

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