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Why Bamboo is The Perfect Eco-Friendly Choice for Cosmetics Packaging

Bamboo is the best choice for environmentally friendly cosmetics packaging raw materials: the growth rate of bamboo is 3-5 times that of wood. It is actually a grass plant that can continue to grow after being cut down. Bamboo is a natural 100% biodegradable material. Plus It releases a large amount of oxygen and absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide. It can be said to be nature’s air freshener.

Bamboo is the best choice for cosmetics packaging materials: Bamboo itself has high hardness, which is helpful for accurately grasping the size of the packaging materials. The natural bamboo patterns are full of beauty. The first thing consumers feel when they see bamboo products is that the products must be natural. Organic materials minimize the cost of education for consumers. Whether in terms of material or appearance, bamboo cosmetic packaging materials have unique recognition for any brand, making the brand easily remembered by consumers. This is better than Spending a lot of money on advertising to force memory is more cost-effective.

Will bamboo products be easily deformed, affecting the use of consumers?Because bamboo is a natural material, especially wood materials, it will affect the size of the product because of changes in weather humidity and temperature, but also because clients are worried about this problem, precisely we have professional technology and treatment in this area, can put bamboo and wood packaging materials well controlled in a certain tolerance to ensure that consumers long-term repeated use without affecting the function. You do not need to worry about this quality, first of all, we have strict custom material selection, that is, each style of raw materials are customized according to the size of carbonized bamboo, carbonized bamboo is natural fumigation treatment and natural enough drying, in this case, so that bamboo is not easy to mold, deformation, when the production of products, Our most important treatment is the protective treatment of the bottom of the material, which can be well isolated from the contact between the bamboo and the air, and keep them in good shape and accurate size.

After years of research and development, we use more and more machine processing instead of manual processing for bamboo cosmetic packaging, this purpose is one to ensure the size of the bulk goods to ensure unity, and the other is to reduce costs, so that more and more people join the ranks of bamboo makeup packaging materials, and constantly expand the environmental protection brand and team. I believe you will not regret using bamboo makeup packaging materials.

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