Decoration And Labeling

Heat Transfer Printing​

Heat Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer technology is to transfer the patterns and words on the transfer paper to the substrate through “high temperature and high pressure”. Strengthen your brand image and communicate key product information directly with thermal transfer services.

Technical Features


Maintain the accuracy of the pattern, long shelf life, bright colors, small color difference, and complete details.

Uniform coating, Stable quality, Fast ink absorption, and quick drying. High transfer rate, not easy to wrinkle and curl.

Compatible with multiple colors and complex designs of images and text.Highly Customized

There will be screen cost happening for customized heat transfer products according to different styles.The same series but of different styles can not share the screen cost.For example, lipstick and eye shadow boxes need to open different screen plates even if they use the same pattern. This is based on the shape and area of tailor made. The number of colors is also a factor that determines the different proofing prices. How to better combine heat transfer and bamboo, so that the surface pattern is not easy to fall off or over 100 grid tests is a technological problem in the bamboo industry. Our years of experience and technology can make you worry-free achieved. Glossy and matte finishes both are available

3d printing

3D Printing

3D printing, also known as three-dimensional printing, can achieve high precision and complexity, can show the design on the shape curve, and can make complex patterns.

Technical Features

High pattern accuracy

In addition to visual enjoyment, there is a three-dimensional sense of touch.

Small color difference.

Free mold cost.

The 3D time of the pattern is calculated according to the complexity of the pattern. The longer the time, the higher the cost



Laser has four characteristics which of high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence, so it brings some characteristics to laser processing that other processing methods do not have. Because it is non-contact processing, there is no direct impact on the packaging surface, so there is no any mechanical deformation risky caused, laser processing does not require tools or molds, the laser energy with high density, and it is local processing, which has no or minimal impact on non-laser irradiation parts.

Technical Features

Strong sense of touch

Eco-friendly design

Fast processing

The laser used on bamboo is usually at a depth of 0.2-0.3mm, if it is too deep, it will be burnt and discolored, which is different from the surface color.

The thickness of the lines is limited, and too thick lines are prone to risks such as irregular lines.

Lasers are used on flat or rolling surfaces, not on irregular surfaces. Our professional technical team will give you optimized proposals based on your needs. The laser is also charged according to the complexity of the pattern and the time of the laser.

Silk Screen​

Silk Screen

The silk screen printing is made of nylon mesh, Tedlon mesh, steel mesh and other materials, which are fixed on the screen frame through a net. Coat the screen cloth with photosensitive paint, pour the ink on the inside of the screen, and use a scraper to flatten and scrape the ink from the printed content. At this time, the ink penetrates from the printed content to the printed object to form a transfer. Get what we want in print.

Technical Features

More competitive price, high brightness.

Strong sense of touch.

Easy operation, both manual and machine operation are available

Strong ink adhesion

It can be printed in single color, there will be misalignment of multiple colors, the printing difficulty is high for multiple colors printing, and the gradient color cannot be printed;

The price of small batch printing is high, and silk screen printing must make plates, and the plate making price is basically fixed. The larger the quantity, the cheaper the apportioned price;

The surface of the object must be flat, Both planes and cylinders can be printed;

There will be thickness tolerance for same batch.