We will participate in Cosmopack Hong Kong from November 14th to 16th, 2023, our booth number is 11-D29. In the makeup packaging industry, If we talking about major fairs, Undoubtedly the Hong Kong Asia Cosmoprof, Cosmopack and Cosmoprof from Itay are the most important fairs among them, which is characterized by the concentration of high-quality suppliers from all regions with different prices, different eco-friendly materials, different innovative products. It can give started brands or globle major brands who need to updated their current line or iterated to meet various needs. Major manufacturers from all places gathering here, in order to learn each other and study each other to improved. This will allow buyers to collect global matching resources in a short time, so as to efficiently meet their own needs.

From the harvest of our participation in Cosmoprof Italy and makeup-in in the United States this year, the global demand for bamboo makeup packaging materials has increased significantly, bamboo as a fully degraded and pure natural material is undoubtedly a trend demands. People not only want good looking makeup products to make them look better, they actually demand for the products safer and more natural for their own use.The bamboo packaging naturally makes consumers believe in the founding concept of the brand, which saves a lot of marketing costs for makeup or skin care brands.

There are a lot of bamboo makeup packaging suppliers on the market, the quality from different suppliers is uneven. How to be more eco- friendly, better quality, and to provide customers with more competitive costs, this has been our goal as always. We obtain different many professional talents groups and we invest a lot on own innovated facilities for production. Start from the product structure, product processing details, product functions and so on constantly improving for all categories of bamboo make up and skin care packaging products, Allow our new and regular customers to increase the value of their own brands, Always keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

For example, there are two kinds of structure of our refillable bamboo lipstick packaging. In the initial version, we made a style without steps. Later, we found that in the long-term use process, there may be dislocation in the upper and lower tubes. Now the improved version of the bamboo lipstick tube, we added steps at the opening of lipstick tube, effectively making the lipstick upper and lower tubes seamless docking and closely fitting. We have many examples like this in various make up packaging categories and skin care packaging categories. At the coming Cosmopack during November 14th to 16th held in HK, we will display different designs, different structures, different treatment of lipstick tubes to meet the needs of various customers. Stay tuned.

steps at the opening of lipstick tube

Bamboo makeup packaging or bamboo skin care packaging have no sense of design in ordinary people’s thinking, only a rough original impression, which cannot meet the needs of different brands for beauty, fashion and brand character. In this regard, we have enough expert teams, including professional designers and expert engineering teams. The engineering team will find the solutions to solve all kinds of difficulties like colors, surface treatment, products structures improved version in production. Mke all fashion look comes true and qualified.  In addition to the conventional lipstick tube, the collocation of dry and wet lipsticks is very humanized, considering how women can make their lips reflect different makeup effects when they actually use. Therefore, lip makeup is not only monochrome lipstick, our replaceable bamboo lip packaging has two components combination of lip paste and lip glittering powder packaging, There is a small wood handle make up brush along this lip packaging, that will be very easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere. The lip box packaging not only can make by bamboo, but also we have the available ones by different wood, like hard maple wood, makes the products looks more textureed.

Bamboo makeup packaging

In terms of environmental innovation, we have been committed to the direction more than 17years. This year our plastic free and glue-free, 100% biodegradable refillable bamboo foundation tube, Balm packaging series won the top three innovation awards in Make Up -In Paris, and filling producer have been use them for production, the packaging safety testing already passed.

Eco-friendly Packaging
Cosmopack-HK 2023

In the coming Cosmopack Hong Kong during November 14th-16th, you will see our bamboo packaging with New designs, New structures and Zero waste of all our makeup and skin care packaging in all categories, as well as other series like perfume packaging, aromatheropy of bamboo packaging, looking forward to your visit, our professional team will be sure provide you with professional solutions to satisfied all your needs. Let’s see at our booth 11-D29.

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