bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic Bamboo Display Rack

* Natural Vision, Minimized make up storage rack

* 100% Biodegradable Bamboo

* Personal Use

* Size: 168mm x 200mm x 36mm for Bamboo base 

* Back Board H238mm x W200mm

* Customized by mold free

* Surface treatment by silk screen, 3D, engraving, heat transfer, shinny painting, matte painting


 Almost all organic brand customers we cooperate with will ask us to provide supporting display rack design and production. Customers feedback that our display racks have texture and design sense, and the quality is guaranteed. Therefore, we began to design cosmetic display racks for personal use and family decoration. The storage and display rack used is not only convenient to use, but also beautiful to display, and can be used as home and personal decoration. At the same time, we can customize different styles according to your personal preferences to meet your actual needs. You can customize display racks with your own name or interesting designs.