bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Compact Make Up - Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

* 100% Bamboo cap + base, biodegradable

* Refillable systems

* Dimension:  D69 x H 12.5 mm

* Imprint: D59mm

* Capacitt 7g

* FSC certification


Yicai bamboo never stop the packaging innovation to respect sustainable.

Here you go, the new structure we made, different to the current product ( lid + base seperation), but we make the lip + base together with a PP hinge, with this systems, we can open the lid at any position, any angle, that’s why the new generation on the closure systems which helping to improve the client using experience.

Lid make in bamboo with mirror assembled, base in bamboo with magnet base for refillable, bottom with hole to help extract the pan for refill. 

Sustainable material + refillable systems makes eco-friendly.