bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Compact Make Up Packaging

* 100% Bamboo cap + base, biodegradable

* Refillable systems

* Dimension:  83 x 72 x 13 mm

* Imprint: D59mm

* Capacitt 6g

* FSC certification


Yicai bamboo constantly endeavour to create unique, innovation and on – trend sustainable solutions. We develop innovation packs, often upgrate from the marketing concepts, closely aligned to the needs of brands, consumers, here we present our new design in hexagon shape. 

Made in sustainable sourced bamboo for cap and base, natural color to keep the nature. Systems with PP hinge to support open & close, closing with 2pcs magnets to support strongly closure. Cap with mirror assembled for friendly make up. With magnet base to support refillable and bottom with hole to extract the metal pan for refill. 

Easy use, easy refill, consumer convenience, which is exactly what we offer our packaging.