bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Bamboo Refillable Hair Wax Stick with Brush Set

* Bamboo cap, biodegradable, PP tube

* Refillable systems

* Dimension:  106*37.5cm

* Capacity 15g, 30g,75g 

* FSC certification


This hair wax stick is a 2 in 1 design. The top brush holder and cap is made from Bamboo, as it is reusable. The stick is PP material, screw up structure, capacity can be customized. When used up, we only need to replace the PP tube, and keep the brushes and caps. 

The caps has no plastic, as it is screwed with teeth on the bamboo.

We can customize with printing tube or printing/engrave on bamboo caps for brand identity.

We continue our business phylosephy, use less plastic, provide more sustainable package.