Bamboo Packaging - Sustainable and Refillable for Make Up

* Bamboo cap + base, 100% biodegradable

* Refillable systems

* Dimension:  D21.3 x H120 mm

* Capacity 6ml

* FSC certification


Yicai bamboo not just dedicated to the struture innovation, we keep study on the innovative packaging design, the pentagon shape created, Special but not hulking. 

Cap and base made in bamboo – the natural source material,  inner refillable bottle in PETG bottle + PP stem + PE wiper which is conform to the Cosmos standard. Friendly refill system for the consumer, easy but stable. 

Recycled Endlessly Refill,  Biodegradable Bamboo Casing, Durable and Long-lasting.

By choosing our packaging, you’re not only purchase the packaging, but also voting for a sustainable future.