Refillable Bamboo Mascara Tube

Refillable, 100% biodegradable, Recyclable, Reuse


φ18.6mm x H120mm / capacity: 6ml

Free design proposals

Customized by mold free

Surface treatment by silk screen, 3D, engraving, heat transfer, shinny painting, matte painting

Glue pass Rohs testing, FSC bamboo


The challenge of this replaceable bamboo mascara tube method is to make the gradient color very even, so that the product appears more textured and high-end. Through skilled technological operation in the dust-free spraying automatic production room, our Yicai Bamboo has achieved the desired outcome. There are no steps in the mascara tubes you see on the market. Our bamboo mascara tube contains steps and this enhancement can result in a very smooth connection between the top and lower tubes, as well as a lid that does not jiggle. No other Chinese supplier can do this since this stage requires the machine to be extremely precise. The steps thinnest part can reach to 0.5mm thickness. Refillable bamboo mascara tube collection We also have numerous shape designs, such as quadrilateral and pentagon, to satisfy your specific needs.