bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Empty Bamboo Lipgloss Tube

* Refillable, Reduce carbon release, Reuse

* 100% Bamboo casing (cap + base)

* Refillable (PETG bottle + PE wiper + PP stem + gloss applicator)

* φ20mm x H120 mm / Capacity: 6ml

* Free design proposals

* Customized by mold free

* FSC certification


The minimalist product design maximizes the natural texture and texture of bamboo. The refillable system is designed to be reusable and durable. This basic bamboo mascara tube is a popular style, from the process, the price is more competitive. We accept a very low quanity to start, sample lead time 7 working days, to Europe and the United States needs 3-5 working days by express. Bulk order takes 35-50 working days.  This eco friendly bamboo packaging is easy to deconstruct and recycle after disposal.