bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Dual Function Bamboo Lip Gloss Tube

* 100% biodegradable bamboo casing 

* Dual function lipgloss and eye-line tube 

* Size: 17.8mm x H141mm / Capacity: 4ml of each

* Free design proposals

* Customized by mold free

* FSC certification


Yicai Bamboo make high quality refillable bamboo make up packaging with details, if you notice this, you will find our bamboo lipgloss tube and bamboo eye-liner tube contains steps and this enhancement can result in a very smooth connection between the cap and base tubes, as well as the cap that does not jiggle with solid fixed. No other Chinese supplier can do this since this requires the machine to be extremely precise. The bamboo steps thinnest part can reach to 0.8mm thickness.