Bamboo Foundation Stick Tube

* Bamboo cap + base, biodegradable

* Refillable systems

* Dimension:  9.6*3.1cm

* Capacity 13g, 18g 

* FSC certification


This foundation stick has capacity of 13g, 18g for option. It is refillable as well with screw up structure. There are more and more products are trending for this kind of package, such as foundation stick, blush stick, highlight sticker, eyeshadow sticker, bronzer stick, perfume balm, moisture stick, deodorant stick etc.

For nature brands, we can make varnish bamboo natural color, for brands require color package, we can paint on bamboo, make it fashionable while sustainable. 

We can customize with smaller capacity if you need.

Contact us to design the ones with your brands.