bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Dropper Glass Bottle With Bamboo Collar

* Reduce waste, Recycling, 

* 100% Bamboo/ wooden collor, 

* Dropper 

* Bottle in recycling glass

* capacity: 30ml, 50ml

* FSC certification

* COSMOS standard material 


Yicai bamboo focus on the sustainable packagings, that’s why we present this product for our clients. The tranditional collar in the market is plastic collor or having the inner plastic part for assembly, but Yicai bamboo make the innovation to have NO PLASTIC, NO GLUE of the collar. Bottle made with glass, which is the recyclying material. After empty, consumer can seperate the glass part and drop part for responsible recycling. Virious capacity (from 20ml to 120ml), choose the ideal one to match the need. Personally decoration is available, such like clear/ frosted/ painted glass bottle, collor in bamboo / wooden with natural colour or with colored.  This is the 100% ecological packaging for mission of “SAVE THE PLANET, REDUCE CARBON”