bamboo Cosmetic packaging

Airless Refillable Bamboo Lotion Cream Jar

* Refillable, Recyclable, Glue free

* 100% Bamboo casing (cap + base)

* Refillable (main material in PP, airless bottle)

* capacity: 15g/30g/50g

* Free design proposals

* Customized by mold free

* FSC bamboo


Yicai bamboo make the packaging in 100% bamboo casing, no glue and no plastic assemble. 

Inner bottle is refillable systems with PP material. Easy assemble and easy seperation for recycling. Refillable in screwing with the bamboo base. Cap clip with the collar part of plastic refill for closure. Reduce more than 50% waste, endlessly refillable. This is a refillable bamboo packaging for foundation, lotion and cream.

Rely on our high technical equipment, plastic part and bamboo case matched perfectly, guarantee safety function.